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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

6th Grade 필독서

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  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

영어 Essay Writing과 Debate를 한번에.

영어책을 독서후, 온라인에서 에세이를 작성해보세요.
오프라인에서 만나서 토론 하는 프로그램을 통해 책을 읽은 후에 서로의 생각이 궁금하다면 다른 친구들이 쓴 독후감도 같이 열람 가능합니다.

이 책을 읽어야 하는 이유

공부만으로 되는 세상이 아닙니다. 이제 경쟁력은 책을읽고 인싸이트를 가진 로봇이 아닌 사람만이 살아남습니다.

책을 읽고나서 어떤걸 하나요?

1. 책을 읽은 후에는 책에 대한 평가 또는 독후감 에세이를 이 앱에 써서 글을 포스팅합니다.
2. 글쓰는 것을 각각 친구들이 볼 수 있고 팀리더가 볼 수 있습니다.
3. 팀리더는 구글 Docs로 학생들에게 첨삭을 지도해줍니다.
4. 반마다 잘 쓴 에세이는 세계 글로벌 글쓰기 대회 (Essay Competiton)에 Apply하도록 도와주어 수상하도록 해줍니다.

이 책을 읽고난 이후에는?

자신만의 생각하는 방식이 아니라 함께 다른 친구들이 어떻게 생각하는지 배우기 위해서 다른 친구들의 글을 읽어본후 정해진 약속 시간에 학원에 모여서 오프라인으로 친구들과 함께 토론을 합니다.

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    상품 상세설명

    As Tom Sawyer's adventures unfold, readers are introduced to a cast of unforgettable characters, including Huckleberry Finn, the town's outcast and Tom's closest friend. Together, Tom and Huck embark on a daring treasure hunt that leads them to a hidden cave filled with excitement and danger.

    The novel also explores the budding romance between Tom and Becky Thatcher, a new girl in town who captures his heart. Their youthful infatuation and innocent flirtations are portrayed with humor and tenderness.

    One of the most iconic episodes in the book is when Tom and his friends, including Joe Harper, decide to become pirates. They commandeer a small boat and set out for Jackson Island in the Mississippi River, where they declare themselves pirates and live a carefree life, away from the responsibilities of society.

    Throughout the story, readers witness Tom's growth and development as he grapples with issues of morality, justice, and his own sense of right and wrong. His adventures often lead to humorous and unpredictable consequences, but they also provide valuable life lessons.

    As the narrative unfolds, Tom and his friends become entangled in a grave situation involving the murder of Dr. Robinson. The suspense and intrigue in this part of the story keep readers on the edge of their seats.

    Mark Twain's witty and satirical writing style infuses the novel with humor and social commentary, offering a critical look at the customs and superstitions of the time. Through Tom's exploits, the book explores themes of childhood innocence, the power of imagination, and the complexities of growing up.

    "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is a literary classic that captures the spirit of youth and the nostalgia of simpler times. It remains a beloved work that continues to resonate with readers of all ages, reminding us of the enduring appeal of childhood adventures and the timeless lessons they teach us about life, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness.


    교육청 정책에 의거, 학원 교육에서 환불 받을 수 있는 기간 안에 취소 하시면 취소가 가능합니다